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I'm short girl who has short hair and glasses. I'm fourteen going on fifteen years old. I live at small city in Indonesia. I love reading, eating, and ice cream. Leave a greeting in my chat box. Simple, unique, and weird.

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Yeaahhh..!! May God Bless Me always.. Amien. Okay, today is my birthday. And now I'm fourteen years old. Not thirteen or twelve anymore. Fourteen for 9th grade on Junior High School. I can not wait to be a student on Junior High School. Well, it's not gonna long enough. But, I can not wait anymore.

Nothing special today. I wake up at 3 a.m., pray, jogging, take a bath, and so on. Oh..  Of course I got many message from my beloved friends. I got beautiful gift from my mother not father.

And I had a little chit chat this evening with my mother. She know what school i wanna study at. She know my big ambition to get in that school. She know a lot about me. And my father does. They do. But, there's a little thing that they don't know about and won't know, what I wanna be. My dreams.

So, if someone offer you a paper like figure above. What will you take?

I just take "DREAMS" already. Because, i think everything is begin from a dreams. A little dream can be a huge approach. Yeah, I start to dream although it's only little thing.  So, what will you take?
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