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I'm short girl who has short hair and glasses. I'm fourteen going on fifteen years old. I live at small city in Indonesia. I love reading, eating, and ice cream. Leave a greeting in my chat box. Simple, unique, and weird.

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First of all I wanna say, Happy New Year 2014 to all of my readers! Hehe :D It's been a long time I don't posting in my beloved blog..


Well, berusaha buat tetap mengingat segala kenangan ditahun 2013.  Gak ada yang perlu dilupakan sih. Justru banyak yang harus diingat. Berharap segala sesuatu yang belum dapat tercapai bisa kudapatkan ditahun 2014 ini. Aamiin...

Don't get close to me, but do not go far away.

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